Historic Preservation

  • First Church of Christ, Scientist: The Rotunda, 2011

    A photo elevation of the façade of the Rotunda with detail shots for descriptive analysis of the building. 

  • Germantown Town Hall, 2011

    SWOT (Strengths / Opportunities / Weaknesses / Threats) Analysis for the Town Hall to aid thinking and formulate possible solutions for the site.

  • Plays and Players Theater, 2011

    Paint cross section analysis of a selected area of the theater to lend physical insight to the history of the finishes in the building.

  • A Preservation Plan for Greenwich Township, 2011

    A series of comparative historic and modern photographs around the Township to illustrate change over time as well as the large amount of historic resources still available to the community.

  • Thaddeus Stevens School of Practice, 2011

    Exploration of possible development opportunities for adjoining lots to the site. This set of illustrations explores potential low-rise massing options with respect to the school and its prominent mural.

  • Edgewood Lake, Boathouse & Gazebo: Franklin Delano Roosevelt Park, Philadelphia, 2012

    A redesign concept of the underpass leading to Franklin Delano Roosevelt Park shows how the area around the park could be used as an artistic and welcoming space to increase visitation.

  • Philadelphia Police Headquarters, 2012

    An advocacy plan developed based on past campaigns for other such structures in an effort to save endangered sites such as the Philadelphia Police Roundhouse from demolition in the future. 

  • A Preservation Plan for Charles R. Drew Elementary, 2012

    The site history for the Charles Drew Elementary School shows that the property was previously occupied by other learning institutions such as the Minnie M. Kendrick School dating from the early 20th century.

  • 19th Street Baptist Church, 2013

    These historic maps lend insight into how 19th Street Baptist Church came to exist in Point Breeze and how the neighborhood landscape has changed over time.

  • Reviving the Escape: Preservation for the cause of Progress in Atlantic City, 2013

    Historic photographs and maps illustrate the vast changes to Atlantic City's urban fabric during urban renewal during the 1960's and 70's. Redevelopment plans were never implemented and vacant lots must be considered in preservation planning.

  • Atlantic City, 2014

    A full survey of the downtown region of Atlantic Avenue was conducted in an effort to understand the modern-day landscape of one of Atlantic City's main avenues and cultural corridors. This diagram depicts a mostly institutional and commercial area of the avenue.

  • Founder's Hall & The Girard Chapel: Girard College, Philadelphia, 2014

    Prominent character-defining elements of Founder's Hall on Girard College's campus that distinguish the building as an architectural monument.

  • Preserving a Neighborhood: Belmont, Its People and Place, 2014

    A Belmont Homeowner's Guide was developed to help instruct homeowners on the care and maintenance of their historic homes in order to maintain the integrity and value of the buildings in the Belmont Neighborhood. This page gives instructions on how to repoint a brick façade. 

  • North Brother Island, 2015

    A survey of the extant structures located on North Brother Island evaluated the structural integrity of each building and maps the risk zones for visitation.

  • Sharswood-Blumberg: A Preservation Approach to Revitalizing a Neighborhood, 2015

    A conceptual map shows the potential for new green spaces in the Sharswood-Blumberg Neighborhood and offers a possible design for a small pocket park between built areas.

Historic Preservation Studio Reports 2011-2017

Select student work from past Historic Preservation studios. Location of the site and the studio teams are indicated below each report.


4014 Walnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104
  • Courtney Allen
  • Dan Castelle
  • Vanessa dela Torre
  • Nyasha Hayes
  • Collette Kinane
  • Christine Leggio
5928-5930 Germantown Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19144
  • Latishia Allen
  • Molly Lester
  • Kalen McNabb
  • Monica Rhodes
  • Michael Shoriak
  • Matthew Wicklund
  • Courtney Williams
1714 Delancey Street
Philadelphia, PA 19103
  • Jason Cantu
  • Laura DiPasquale
  • Larry Parra
  • Sarah Peterson
  • Lauren Szeber
  • Gladysa Vega
  • Tom Wilson
Cumberland County, New Jersey
  • Lynn Alpert
  • Irene Berkowitz
  • Alexandra Church
  • Mary Catherine Collins
  • Jessie Lattig
  • Deborah Merriam
  • Marshall Tidwell
  • Yi Li
  • Nels Youngborg
523 N Broad Street
Philadelphia, PA 19123
  • Rachel Hildebrandt
  • Fabiana Mileo
  • Sharon Reid
  • L. Jay Timon
  • Haley Van Wagenen
  • Tingting Weng


Pattison Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19145
  • Lizzie Hessmiller
  • Alix Kress
  • Elizabeth Lissy
  • Erica Maust
  • Soeun Park
750 Race Street
Philadelphia, PA 19106
  • Christine Beckman
  • Allee Berger
  • Karina Bishop
  • Chelsea Troppauer
  • Kimber VanSant
38th Street, Lancaster Avenue, and Powelton Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19104
  • Benjamin Buckley
  • Alison Garcia Kellar
  • JulieAnn Murphy
  • Jon Vimr
  • Kelly Wiles


1253 S 19th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19146
  • Ryan Cleary
  • Winston Clement
  • Monique Colas
  • Sarah Cole
  • Johanna Sztokman
  • Irene Matteini
  • Nityaa Iyer
  • Matthew Morgan
  • Bejamin Doubledee
  • Kevin Wohlgemuth
Atlantic City, New Jersey
  • Lauren Burton
  • Reina Chano
  • Di Gao
  • Rachel Isacoff
  • Sam Kuntz
  • Amanda Mazie
  • Lee Riccetti
  • Nate Shlundt
  • Maggie Smith
  • Parima Sukosi
Atlantic City, New Jersey
  • see above


Atlantic City, New Jersey
  • César Bargues Ballester
  • Jocelyn Chan
  • Mary Feitz
  • Courtney Magill
  • Sarah Moses
  • Lauren Shaughnessy
2101 S College Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19121
  • Eryn Boyce
  • Grey Pierce
  • Samuel Tucker
  • Lindsey Uhl
  • Blair Winter
  • Wenwen Xia
Belmont Neighborhood, Philadelphia, PA
  • Sarah Blitzer
  • Meredith Leep
  • Kaitlin Pluskota
  • Jennifer Robinson
  • Mengjia Wang
  • Julianne Wiesner-Chianese
  • Shuyi Yin


Bronx, New York, NY
  • Sang Bae
  • Alice Gilmore
  • Julia Griffith
  • Andrea Haley
  • Madeleine Helmer
  • Jean Jang
  • Evan Oskierko-Jeznacki
  • Angelina Jones
  • Haoyu Wang
  • Casey Weisdock
  • Yimei Zhang
Sharswood Neighborhood, Philadelphia, PA
  • Audrey von Ahrens
  • Andrew Cushing
  • Preston Hull
  • Amy Lambert
  • Sonja Lengel
  • ​Sanjana Muthe
  • Jess Neubelt
  • Dana Rice
  • Maya Thomas
        Society Hill Neighborhood Philadelphia, PA
  • Josh Bevan
  • Charlette Caldwell
  • Nate Hammitt
  • Grace Meloy
  • Joseph Mester
  • Shuang Wu
  • Xinhui Yang
  • Chuhan Zheng


          Philadelphia, PA

  • Arielle Harris
  • Lucy Midelfort
  • Mikayla Raymond
  • Ty Richardson
  • Shaghayegh Torkzaban
  • Zhongpei Qin
  • Carolyn Zemanian
  • Jewelers' Row

          Philadelphia, PA

  • Silvia Callegari
  • Katlyn Cotton
  • Starr Herr-Cardillo
  • Joel Naiman
  • Evan Schueckler
  • Kyle Toth
  • Richmond Power Station

     Philadelphia, PA

  • Nicole Declet
  • Katharine George
  • Emily Gruendel
  • Peter Hiller
  • Austin Lukes
  • Evan Oxland
  • Danielle Pape
  • Araba Prah


     Rose Valley, PA
  • Xochilt Armenta
  • Alberto Calderon-Gonzalez
  • Rebecca Clemente
  • Yuexian Huang
  • Noor Jehan Sadiq
  • Violette Levy
  • Elizabeth Reynolds
  • Elizabeth Trumbull
  • Tarsha Wilson
  • Rebekah Yousaf


     Philadelphia, PA
  • Anne Albert
  • Kelsey Britt
  • Sara Gdula
  • John Giganti
  • Anthony Hita
  • Sara Stratte

Strawberry Mansion

Philadelphia, PA
  • Molly Balzano
  • Zara Bhatti
  • Julia Cohen
  • Katie Levesque
  • Liz Volchok
  • Yue Wu