IT Services


Get your personal computer Design Ready with these steps:

  1. Check your machine for Malware. Free download;
  2. Create Standard user account. (standard user vs. Admin)
  3. Drivers and Bios up to date.
  4. Operating System up to date. (may need to run more than 1 time)
  5. Verify they have set up PennKey, Design, and O365 Accounts.
  6. Enroll in Self-Service Password option.
  7. Show them Design IT Services (bookmark)
  8. Go over different software they will be using;
    A. AutoDesk for Education, download from their site free student software
    B. 0365 can install up to 5 copies
    C. Rhino license available in Design need to buy your own from computer connection to work from home.
    D. Adobe Creative Cloud, licenses available to purchase at the computer connection.
    E. Symantic Antivirus, free antivirus software available through UPENN Symantec, use PennKey credentials to authenticate.
  9. AirPennNet - connect
  10. Working wired vs. wireless Explain the difference.
    A. \\
    B. Design\Username
    C. DesignPassword
  11. Show where to access Rhino on Juno. Connect to Juno – student file server. 
  12. Go over installing printers/plotters. Connect to Vulcan – print server. \\
    A. Design\username
    B. DesignPassword
  13. Data Storage Options -
    A. UPENN BOX 50 GB
    B. 0365 OneDrive 1TB
  14. Remote access –
  15. For any further questions, contact for help.