IT Services


****All printers and plotters are offline until further notice in regards to Changes to Weitzman Operations due to Coronovirus (Covid-19)****


The Weitzman School offers a multitude of printers, media, and printing options for all our faculty, staff, and students. Due to the sheer number of printers and options we provide, we strongly recommend reading our instructions and tips below, as well as to familiarize yourself with properly connecting to printers and properly formatting your work. For more help, make sure to contact us via

Getting Starting With Printing

  • You MUST be connected to the Weitzman School network via an ETHERNET cable to print. Remote Access will not work.
  • With an active Weitzman account you are given access to the Public Laser Printers in any of our Design buildings.
  • To access Plotters (Large format Printers) in Design, you will need to review the material located in our PRNT 101 course on CANVAS. (Authenticate with PennKey credentials)
  • You must take and pass the Printing and Plotting Quiz to be granted access to these Large format printers. (Email IT after you have passed the quiz. Restrictions will be removed before noon the next business day.)

Connecting to Printers & Plotters

Weitzman IT Services offers a multitude of printers, printing media, and printing options for our faculty, students, and staff. Due to the overwhelming number of options, we've compiled lists, info, and more to help get you connected to a printer and printing your work. Read more here.

Printer/Plotter List, Pricing, and More

All Weitzman users are automatically billed to their printing account when printing to any of our networked printers. As Weitzman ITS offers a number of different printing options, each with different media and sizes, we've prepped a list of all the printers, options, sizes, prices, billing codes, and how printing charges work. Read more here.

Printing Policies

Due to the number of variables, options, and questions regarding printing, Weitzman ITS has prepared a list of guidelines and policies for printing at the Weitzman School of Design. Read more on our policies here.


Due to the number of questions with common printing issues, how to format files properly, etc., Weitzman ITS has prepared a guide on common printing issues and questions. Read more here.