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Indian Institute of Management

Ahmedabad, India; Built


Project Notes:

  • Architect: Louis I. Kahn (architectural design consultant) in association with Balkrishna V. Doshi and the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad, until 1 June 1969, when NID's association with project ended and was replaced by Doshi from Vashi-Shilpa.
  • Structural Engineer: Sharad R. Shah, consulting engineer
  • Mechanical/Electrical Engineer: Vakli-Mehta-Parikh-Sheth, consulting engineers
  • Earliest Date: 21 September 1962
  • Earliest Dated Drawing in the Kahn Collection: 12 March 1963
  • Intended Starting Date of Construction: 1 April 1964
  • Latest Date on Working Drawings in the Kahn Collection: 9 July 1970
  • Date of Completion of Construction: 1974