Louis I. Kahn Collection

  • jewish community center

Jewish Community Center

Trenton, NJ; Built (Bath House and Day Camp Only)


Project Notes:

  • Architect: Louis I. Kahn (architect); John H. Hirsh and Stanley R. Dube (associated supervising architects); Lovin Kaplan (associated architect)
  • Structural Engineer: Keast and Hood
  • Mechanical/Electrical Engineer: Fred S. Dubin Associates
  • Landscape Architect: Edward A. Maurer
  • Earliest Date: 11 August 1954
  • Earliest Dated Drawing in the Kahn Collection: 7 February 1955
  • Latest Date on Working Drawings in the Kahn Collection: 11 August 1958
  • Date of Completion of Construction: 1 October 1955 (completion of Bath House); 2 August 1957 (completion of Day Camp)