Louis I. Kahn Collection

Richards Medical Research Laboratories, University of Pennsylvania

Philadelphia, PA; Built


Project Notes:

  • Architect: Louis I. Kahn
  • Structural Engineer: Keast and Hood; Dr. August E. Komendant (consultant)
  • Mechanical Engineer: Cronheim and Weger (Richards); Fred S. Dubin Associates (Biology Building)
  • Landscape Architect: Ian L. McHarg (Richards)
  • Earliest Date: 11 June 1957
  • Earliest Dated Drawing in the Kahn Collection: 22 July 1957
  • Latest Date on Working Drawings in the Kahn Collection: 12 July 1965
  • Date of Completion of Construction: 19 May 1960 (date of Richards dedication); 12 February 1965 (as-built drawing of Biology Building)