Penn Planning Equity Initiative

  • Sean Dajour Smith is a 2019-2020 Moelis Scholar. He earned a bachelor’s degree in Sociology with a minor in Community Action and Social Change from the University of Michigan. An organizer at heart, Sean is passionate about creating cross-cultural connections and sharing his experience as a first-generation college student with others. 

The Moelis Scholars Program provides financial and other support to students in the field of urban planning, particularly those who intend to pursue careers in public/private development or community and economic development. Consideration is given to the applicant's socioeconomic and educational background, status as a member of an under-represented minority group, and commitment to ensuring diverse voices in the field so as to enhance the excellence of the program and its mission. 

Applicants should submit a 550-word essay describing their "dream job" when they graduate from the MCP program, and ten years into the future. They should describe the process that led them to have this dream and how the MCP degree will help them get there. The essay, and any questions regarding the program, should be submitted to