Ashna Jaiswal

Landscape Architecture

I come from a background in Architecture, a few years of work of experience in Landscape Design and community building before I pursued MLA from PennDesign. I have always been intrigued to design ecological self autonomous communities, social justice, community building and a diverse space. My work is always driven by these factors and I have always taken an interest in challenging myself with the given harsh situations in the global developed world for the underprivileged and minorities. In my free time, I like to do illustrations, baking, look up chances to pet-sit (which due to current scenarios has been limited, but I'll be glad to a take furry friends in if needed!) and reading (political debates have always come my way). Coming from arch, fine arts and landscape, I always like to open up myself in the various fields of design which leads to coherent solutions.

Reclaiming India's Nalas