Hanna Stark

Historic Preservation

I am a rising second-year Historic Preservation student who is passionate about the built environment. In 2019, I obtained a B.A. in Architecture from Clemson University, which taught me necessary design skills as well as the fundamentals of architectural history. Advocating for the revitalization of cities and neighborhoods via historic preservation policies and principles is my desire. I believe understanding cultural resources can promote sustainable development initiatives. This summer, I am working with Randy Mason and the City of Detroit's Planning and Development Department to assist their tactical preservation efforts. In Detroit, tactical preservation focuses on the phased, incremental adaptive reuse of city-owned institutional buildings to catalyze further development and benefit for the community. My role will support this effort by creating graphics and public-facing documents that explain preservation's role in Detroit's regeneration. As a PennPraxis Design Fellow, I hope to deepen my knowledge of how public policy can support rehabilitation. 

Detroit Tactical Preservation Program

Urban Heritage Project