Maggie Sollmann

Historic Preservation

My studies focus on the welfare and heritage of people, and how policy, storytelling, maintenance and adaptive reuse can aid in the environmental and cultural sustainability of place. In my career, I plan to advocate and to legislate for the preservation field to become more inclusive and equitable in the histories we protect and relay, to push preservation to the forefront of architectural pedagogy taught in schools as we combat overdevelopment and climate change, and to hopefully be able to restore my own future house (probably with a lot of help from my conservation friends). 
I am a graduate from the University of Cincinnati with a BS in Architecture and certificate in Historic Preservation, and recently obtained my MS in Historic Preservation from the University of Pennsylvania. I'm a native Cincinnatian that fell in love with New York, but my parents very much prefer visiting Philadelphia so I'll probably stick around an extra minute or so. 

Penn Hospital Heritage Preservation

The Center for Architectural Conservation