• Penn Bus East and West run on fixed routes in the evenings seven days a week (Photo credit: Penn FRES)

Penn Campus Wide Commuter Survey

Commuting and long-distance travel are key contributors to the carbon footprint of the University of Pennsylvania.Understanding the travel choices that members of the Penn community make can allow the University to create programs to lessen Penn’s overall environmental impact and move towards University-wide carbon goals. Work-related travel was disrupted by Covid-19, and this disruption presents an opportunity to build a new, more sustainable transportation future. But to create this future, we need your help.

PennPraxis, the Center for Safe Mobility and the Office of Facilities and Real Estate Services (FRES) with their partners at Penn Business Services, have created a campus-wide travel survey. This survey will help FRES understand how people got to work and travelled long-distance before the pandemic, and learn how they anticipate they will travel in the near future. With these new, up-to-date data, FRES and other University divisions can create more robust programs to encourage sustainable community choices, including taking transit, walking, carpooling, and biking, and more sustainable choices for long-distance travel as well.



Michael Fichman, Researcher, Lecturer
Megan S. Ryerson, UPS Chair of Transportation, Associate Dean for Research, Weitzman School
Julie Donofrio, Managing Director