Andrea Porter

Director of Student Services / Registrar

The primary role of registrars is maintaining academic records and managing registration. They work closely with faculty and other academic administrators in developing, explaining, and enforcing academic polices. In addition, they collaborate with other administrative offices to serve students, faculty and staff. The registrar’s role spans both the academic and administrative sides of a college, making them uniquely able to contribute to institutional goal setting and problem solving.

Andrea Porter joined the School of Design in August of 2011. Andrea worked at the University from 1994-2005. During that time period, she held five progressively responsible positions, each with a focus on student services, and earned both her BA and MLA from Penn’s College of Liberal and Professional Studies while she worked full-time. In 2005, she joined the staff of Montgomery County Community College, where she served as the Assistant Registrar and then utilized that experience to return to the Penn community.