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Policy: PennDesign related flyers can be posted on the designated cork board in the elevator lobby of each floor.  In addition, you may contact the Office of Communications, to have information shown on the lobby screens.

Information specific to studios should be posted within the studio on a pinnable homasote wall.

Pinning or taping to any other surface within the building is prohibited and will result in materials being removed and discarded.


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Policy: All bicycles must be secured to an exterior bike rack.  Bicycles are not permitted in any common areas including classrooms, studios, stairwells, mechanical rooms, or lounges, nor are they permitted to be chained to anything within these areas or anything mechanical or facilities related.  This is consistent with University and PennDesign policies and is to allow for free ingress/egress for safety and compliance with the U.S. Americans with Disabilities Act.  Failure to comply with this policy will result in having Penn Police remove your bicycle from the premises. 

Registration & U-Lock Purchases

Penn students, faculty and staff can register their bicycles, electronic equipment and other valuables, as well as purchase a U-Lock, online with the University of Pennsylvania Police Department. By registering your property, you will increase the chances of recovery should your property ever be lost or stolen. You will also receive a registration sticker which will help to serve as a visual deterrent.


Penn students may register property by logging on to Campus Express Online, http://campusexpress.upenn.edu, and selecting "My Property Registration."

Faculty & Staff

Penn faculty and staff may register property by logging on to U@Penn at http://www.upenn.edu/u@penn. Under the Penn Resources >> Safety, Security & Conduct section click on the link for Property Registration


Information will be posted soon.


Information will be posted soon.