QueerDesign hopes to build a community of LGBTQ+ designers in order to create a space of exchange and judgement free collaboration. Aiming to foster discussions about the meaning of diversity, and its intersection with design at Penn and beyond, QueerDesign hopes to connect to existing networks of students and professionals. In addition, the organization will explore a number of facets of queer culture and history, specifically within the realm of design. At Penn, QueerDesign will partner with other groups on campus to curate a variety of social, educational, and professional events. Finally, this organization will look beyond Penn for outreach opportunities within the larger queer community of Philadelphia.

To Stay Up to Date on Current Events, email qdesign@design.upenn.edu.


Confidential Support

For those seeking anonymous support for issues related to queer life at Weitzman School, a confidential email server has been set up and can be reached at qanon@design.upenn.edu. This resource is available to any and all and is treated with strict confidentiality. Our members have been specially trained to offer support and recommend resources here at Penn and within the greater Philadelphia community. Additionally, the Penn LGBT Center located at 3907 Spruce is an excellent resource on all facets of queer life at Penn.