IT Services

Online Scheduling System

Meyerson Hall Equipment Reservations are only available during fulltime staff hours (Monday - Friday 8:45 AM - 4:15 PM). If you need equipment after hours or for a weekend presentations, please email 24 hours in advance to make special arrangements. All Equipment approved for weekend use must be picked up before 4:15 pm Friday afternoon.

Items in hard cases can be returned to the equipment drop box after hours, but keep in mind they will not be checked into the computer system until the next time fulltime staff is in. Lab Assistants cover the help desk until 10 PM most evenings, but they will not be able to approve check-outs or check-ins outside of the fulltime staff hours of Monday-Friday 8:45-4:15. Any questions contact of fulltime staff at Thank you!

Online Scheduling System

Penn Design has two mobile carts fitted with LCD projectors and laptops, six portable LCD projectors, two tv carts, 39" and 50" displays, and three laptops (two PC's and one MacBook Pro) available for check out. All presentation equipment (projection carts, laptops and LCD projectors) can be reserved online using the Online Scheduling System. Four projection carts are available for use in Meyerson Hall. One is available in Addams Hall - Conference Room (permanent installation). If you have diffuculty setting up your cart, please contact one of our work-study students for assistance or contact the PennDesign ITS staff.

The online scheduling program makes it easy to reserve equipment. Simply select the category of item you wish to reserve from the dropdown menu (laptop, projector, av cart, cables, etc), and then, on the ensuing calendar, select the time slots that you wish to reserve the item for.  Once completed, click on the Submit Time slots button.  This will bring you to a form, which will ask for some contact information, finalizing your reservation.  You should receive a confirmation email for your reservation.

You are responsible for picking the appropriate cart up at the designated time and returning it when your presentation is complete. If you have any questions about the carts' operation, please speak with one of our student workers or a member of the computing staff at least a day before your presentation. We'll be happy to show you how the equipment works.

Where To Reserve Equipment

AV Equipment Scheduling System - All presentation equipment (projection carts, laptops, and stand-alone LCD projectors) can be reserved online.  Enter your PennDesign username and password Note: this is the same password used to login to PennDesign lab computers. Once reserved, equipment can be picked up at the Meyerson Hall Help Desk, Meyerson Hall Room 319. Be sure to bring your PennCard with you when picking up equipment.

Photo Video Equipment Room - Fine Arts Equipment can be checked out by students taking Fine Arts classes.  Please see the Photo Video Equipment Room page for more information.

Online Calendars

The following are calendars for available equipment and rooms

Policies and Procedures

  1. No equipment may be reserved for longer than a 10-hour time period. There is no overnight or off campus checkout of equipment.
  2. All equipment must be returned on time. If your reservation is from 9 to noon, we will expect it to be returned by noon. Other users are seriously inconvenienced when equipment is not returned on time. If equipment is not returned on time, it may be necessary to come to your class to retrieve it for the next reservation.
  3. Equipment can not be checked out prior to 8:30am. Equipment may not be checked out the evening before without prior arrangement through Cathy DiBonaventura, and only under exceptional circumstances.
  4. Please only reserve equipment for the dates needed. We have found many situations of equipment reserved on the calendar for an entire semester, but only used occasionally. This keeps a valuable resource from other users. If equipment is reserved, and not checked out on more than three occasions, we will delete the remaining reservations for the remainder of the semester.
  5. If you find that you won't need equipment on a certain date, please release it on our calendar.
  6. If your equipment is not picked up within 30 minutes of the reservation time, we will release that equipment for another user.
  7. Equipment is to be used for studio presentations and class presentations only -- not for personal use.  In accordance, software titles are limited to basic office and presentation software, such as PowerPoint, Adobe Acrobat, etc.  Do not expect to check out laptops to use for doing homework, taking personal notes in class, or anything along those lines.