Thermal Architecture Lab

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We are looking for a full-time, talented postdoc to participate in our research. A qualified candidate should have: - Experience in energy modeling - Experience in CFD modeling
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The BlockPenn project for distributed energy monitoring and environmental sensing using blockchain/IoT infrastructure was featured in an article on Penn Today.
Split screen showing Dr. Aviv and Dr. Ikeda in conversation
Thermal Architecture Lab director Dorit Aviv participated in a conversation with Professor Yuichi Ikeda of Kyoto University about their projects examining how to use blockchain technology for energy monitoring and conservation as part of the
High tech structure seen from below
In conjunction with the 17th International Architecture Exhibition - La Biennale di Venezia, CityX Venice, a virtual exhibition of new and recent work by leading architects and designers from around the world, opened online in May. Winka Dubbeldam, who is Miller Professor and chair of the Department of Architecture and director of the Advanced Research and Innovation (ARI) Lab, served as one of the creative directors, inviting faculty members to present examples of the design-research under way at Weitzman.
A capture of lecture on zoom showing Dorit Aviv and Panelis and a slide in green colors showing a diagram of the blockchain/IoT
The BlockPenn distributed energy and environmental sensing network using blockchain/IoT infrastructure was featured in the
A futuristic architectural rendering featuring office buildings and a plant-like structure
An energy-efficient datacenter entitled Sanctuary of Datum, the design was produced in a 2020 MSD-EBD studio led by Dorit Aviv, assistant professor of architecture and director of the Thermal Architecture Lab.
Rendering and section for a sloped building with palm trees under an atrium
Led by Weitzman's Dorit Aviv and Akira Drake Rodriguez, planners and architects are working to address one of the many challenges faced by public schools by designing healthy and engaging outdoor educational spaces.
Plywood frame construction of chimney structure with sky in the background and membrane on the top funnel
In a ceremony held in Venice on November 13, 2021, the Hydroculus prototype for evaporative and radiative cooling received an Acknowledgment Prize as part of the 6th Award cycle of the Holcim Awards for Sustainable Construction.
black and white image of a building in downtown Houston with red and blue streamline for airflow
As part of the Climate Week at Penn, faculty members Dorit Aviv, William Braham and Shu Yang will be on a panel with industry experts on Sustainability and the Built Environment: Building Materials and Cooling Strategies that Combat a Warming Planet.
An office space with purple UV light
Dr. Dorit Aviv of the University of Pennsylvania and Dr Jovan Pantelic of KU Leuven tell HEQ about optimising space design to incorporate UVC disinfection technology.
a diagram showing areas of high UV radiation marked in red and areas of low radiation marked in blue
Two studies by Dorit Aviv, assistant professor of architecture and director of the Thermal Architecture Lab in the Stuart Weitzman School of Design, show how architecture can help create interior spaces that are both COVID-safe and energy efficient.
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Dr. Aviv participated as a panelist in the 1st World CAAD PhD Workshop, organized by sibling CAAD organizations ACADIA, ASCAAD, CAADRIA, eCAADe, and SIGraDi to provide a platform for collaboration and knowledge sharing serving the global CAAD community.