Thesis Christina Rose Michael

Thesis: Christina Rose Michael

A Story of Intervention: The History of Redevelopment in Dharavi

This thesis explores the history of intervention and redevelopment in Dharavi, one of the largest and most densely populated slums in Asia and evaluates the current state of redevelopment efforts in the settlement. Urban redevelopment in informal settlements is a pressing issue in India, where the rapid pace of urbanization and rural-to-urban migration has led to the proliferation of slums and informal settlements in cities across the country. Against this backdrop, the thesis aims to examine the impact of various redevelopment efforts on Dharavi's residents and its vernacular environment and assess their effectiveness in addressing the challenges posed by the settlement's high population density, limited infrastructure, and informal economy.

By examining the history of intervention and redevelopment in Dharavi and evaluating current policies, the thesis aims to contribute to a more nuanced and comprehensive understanding of the complexities of urban development in rapidly changing Indian cities. The thesis also evaluates the Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority's efforts to address the expansion of informal settlements in Mumbai, with a particular focus on Dharavi, and provides recommendations for more equitable and sustainable urban development policies that prioritize the needs and interests of informal settlement inhabitants.