Landscape Architecture

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For a variety of pressing environmental, cultural, economic and artistic reasons, landscape architecture is enjoying a period of renewed visibility and relevance around the world.

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LARP 701 Studio Travel to Shanghai, Photo by Youngsoo Kim

LARP 701 Studio Travel to Medellin, Colombia, Photo by Adam Achrati

Professor James Corner and Chair Richard Weller, Photo by Barrett Doherty

ASLA Student Award winners

2012 ASLA Student Award Winners Jun Zhou, Meghan Storm, and Wei Chen

LARP 511 Field Trip, Photo by Sally Willig

LARP 701 Mexicali

LARP 701 Site Visit, Mexicali Valley

LARP 502

LARP 502 Wei Mao

LARP 702 Philly Pier Potentials

LARP 702 Jack Ohly

LARP 702 Mildred's Lane

LARP 702 Mildred's Lane, Photo by Kenny Tang

LARP 502 Leonardo Robleto

model by Eunjee Kim

LARP 602 Eunjee Kim

LARP 740 Yuichiro Tsutsumi

LARP 701 Francisco Allard

LARP 701 Site Visit, Sugarloaf Mountain in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

LARP 511 Workshop I Ecology Field Trip, Photo by Sarah Willig

LARP 702 Leslie Cacciapaglia, Floating in the Dead Sea

LARP 511 Field trip

LARP 701 Andrew Dawson

LARP 601 Wei Chen

LARP 502 Andrew McConnico

LARP 601 Martha Clifford

LARP 780 Jeff McLeod and Tyler Swanson

LARP 602 Leslie Carter

Summer Institute 2011, Photo by Sarah Willig

LARP 701 Misako Murata

LARP 701 Martha Clifford

LARP 702 Johanna Barthmaier

LARP 701 Karmen Veronica Rivera

LARP 511 Field trip

LARP 511 Field trip

LARP 602 Site Visit in Slavonice, Czech Republic

LARP 501 Leonardo Robleto Costante

LARP 602 Madrid Studio Review

LARP 701 Joseph Kubik

LARP 511 Field trip

LARP 602 Mexico


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