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Bridging the Virtual and Physical

Presented annually, the Weitzman Year End Show brings together work by graduating students across the School to capture new directions in architecture, landscape architecture, city and regional planning, historic preservation, urban spatial analytics, and the fine arts. The virtual exhibition offers a deep dive into the individual agendas of emerging designers, planners, preservationists, and artists, with statements of intent from participating graduates and links to their professional websites. Individual thesis projects in architecture, planning, and preservation are presented alongside team-based works. Concurrent exhibitions at Meyerson Hall (May 13 – June 5) and the Crane Arts Building (May 12 – 28) offer a complementary in-person experience.

Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of information presented on this site. If you find an error, or, as a graduating student, you would like to be included, contact Weitzman Communications at As the semester comes to a close, additional works will be added. .

Coordinating Students, Faculty, and Staff

Vyusti Agarwalla
Danele Alampay
Céline Apollon
Eric Baratta
John Caperton
Jorge Manuel Couso
Brian De Luna
Maria Sofia Garcia Perez
José Carlos Hernandez Cruz
Kate Daniel
Sonja Dümpelmann
Linda Ge
Michael Grant

Nate Hume
Scott Loeffler
Miguel Matos
Drew Alan Mcmillian
Kaitlin Mosley
Mjumbe Poe
Yue Shen
Priyanjali Sinha
Harsana Siva
Alina Wang
Karl Wellman
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