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Posted March 6, 2015
  • A Now for MENAM

Orkan Telhan: A Now for MENAM

Faculty work in the Armory Show

Assistant Professor of Fine Arts Orkan Telhan's project, A Now for MENAM, is part of the Armory Show Focus Special Projects, in the CULTURERUNNERS @ Armory exhibition. More information about the Armory Show (March 5-8), including information about purchasing tickets, can be found here.

A Now for MENAM integrates various historical and contemporary practices of time keeping across the cultural geography of Middle East, North Africa and the Mediterranean, eschewing the idea of unifying the different time zones and calendar systems used within this vast geography. The calendar works as a mobile application that delivers images, videos, information or text from different archives and online sources. The format refers to the calendars published in Turkey since 1900s known as the “educational calendar with time.”  A Now for MENAM offers a contemporary take on this format. The calendar also functions as a temporal navigator for the CULTURERUNNERS RV and customizes its content based on the RV’s travel routes.

More information about the project can be found here. More information about CULTURUNNERS can be found here.