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Posted March 24, 2017
With Our Admitted Students
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We are so excited to meet all of our newly admitted students this Monday, March 27th at Open House! We have wonderful panels and events planned for the day and of course will be here to answer questions and show you around campus. We also can't wait to end the day with our famous happy hour! It is going to be a fun day.

Posted March 23, 2017
With Our Web Chatsand Webinars
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Are you a newly admitted student who has questions about financial aid or general questions about your department of interest? Well then, you are in luck! We have a couple dates that you should make note of:

Posted March 22, 2017
With our Architecture Department
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The Provost Office has just announced that our Master of Architecture, the Master of Environmental Design and the Master of Science in design are now S.T.E.M. designated programs! What great news! If you have any questions about what this means for you as a recent graduate, current student or recently admitted applicant please reach out to our International Student Scholar Services (ISSS) office at

Posted March 20, 2017
With Campus and the Admissions Team
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Well, believe it or not it is the first day of spring- happy spring! The snowmen around campus are starting to melt and tree buds are beginning to bloom. Personally, I cannot wait for the warmer weather because that will mean we are about to begin a new school year, which we are so excited about (can't you tell in our photo!?)  The admission's team went out for a happy hour this past Friday to celebrate what is to come and to toast all of our newly admitted students!

Posted March 16, 2017
With Our Students
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Our students aren't always living in studios, classrooms, and the library, they have a life outside of school! Each spring they hold the annual PennDesign Beaux Arts Ball. This Saturday, they will be partying at the Icebox at Crane Arts Center. Formalwear optional. Woo- we can't wait! Stay tuned for pictures from the event...

Posted March 15, 2017
With Admission Decisions
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Congratulations to all of our admitted students! We are so excited and hope that you will be joining us this fall! We are all back in the office after yesterday's snow storm and are here to answer any questions that you may have. If you have been admitted be sure to also check your financial aid information which can be located by clicking on “View Checklist” and opening the "Decision Letter Supplement." This will show you your financial aid package. As always, if you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us!

Posted March 13, 2017
With Tomorrow
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As many of you know, tomorrow at 12 noon EDT all official admissions decisions will go live- Yay! We hope you jump for joy! You will be able to view your letter by logging back in to your online application, selecting “Manage My Account,” and clicking on “View Your Decision Letter.” If you have been admitted your financial aid information can be located by clicking on “View Checklist” and opening the "Decision Letter Supplement."

Posted March 8, 2017
With Today
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Happy Women's Day everyone!

Posted March 7, 2017
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In Philadelphia
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Are you looking for something exciting to do this weekend and upcoming week? Are you chomping at the bit for spring to come? Do you have an established green thumb or are you thinking about starting your own mini urban garden this season? Well then, I have just the event for you- The Philadelphia Flower Show of course! This year's theme is: Holland: Flowering the world  and the fun begins at the Philadelphia convention Center this Saturday, March 11th. for more information click here.

Posted March 2, 2017
Images by Just Nøt the Same
With Our Alumni
What's Going On... recently published 'Why The Scale Figures In Architectural Images Need To Be More Diverse', an article on how renderings play a key part in making architecture more inclusive. The article discusses how PennDesign alumni Rose Florian and Kordae Henry founded Just Nøt the Same last year after meeting at PennDesign's Acrihitecture program.