Graduate Admissions

With so many of our new students arriving on campus today and over the next few weeks, we thought it would be a great time to remind the PennDesign community (and prospective members of our community!) about all of the bicycle resources that Penn and Philadelphia have to offer since many of our students, staff, and faculty bike to and from campus daily.

Happy Friday! We're getting ready for the weekend and are thinking about heading over to the Camden Waterfront (just across the Delaware River from Philadelphia's waterfront) for the XPoNential Music Festival, featuring artists heard on Philly's WXPN 88.5FM public radio station. You can get all of the details and updates at Have a great weekend everyone!

Beyond My Ken / Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain

Historic Preservation and Environmental Building Design alumnus, current PennDesign Research Associate, and entering Ph.D. in Architecture student, Evan Oskierko-Jeznacki, is a member of the team which recently won the inaugural Comcast-Pennovation Challenge.

Our students produce so much work between their studios and electives that it’s hard to keep up!  Check out this great video we stumbled upon highlighting student work from Lecturer J.D. Albert’s spring 2016 elective course, ARCH 638 Mechanisms for Design.

Photo Credit: Matt Stanley for Delaware River Waterfront

We've heard about so many great events coming up this weekend that we couldn't decide what to share with you! So we'll just list them out for you to pick and choose whatever suits your fancy...

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In their recent report “Civic Infrastructure,” Randall Mason (Chair of Historic Preservation) and Elizabeth Greenspan of PennPraxis investigate the kinds of investment in engagement, programming, design, and maintenance cities need in order to bring about a truly equitable distribution of public resources.

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Find out on July 15 from 1 to 4 PM at Franklin Square for the one of the first of Monument Lab’s 2017 projects. Monument Lab is a public art and history project produced by Mural Arts, Philadelphia, and curators Paul Farber and our own Ken Lum that invites people to join a citywide conversation about history, memory, and our collective future. On Saturday, Monument Lab is featuring a sneak preview of Philadelphia artist Kara Crombie's monument, Sample Philly, an interactive sculpture with a sound bank of musical loops drawn from Philadelphia's rich musical history. Enjoy live music, sample free summertime refreshments, and chat one-on-one with the artists and curators! Read more here.

Students, faculty, and staff all get excited for University City Dining Days!

Can you really get credit for biking around in a city in Mexico? That’s an over-simplification, but last fall our City Planning Professor Erick Guerra held a graduate studio focused on improving the cycling infrastructure of Querétaro, Mexico. As part of the course, he and his students traveled with to the city to identify weak points in the existing cycling framework. They worked with the city’s secretary of mobility to develop and publish a strategic cycling plan. And one of the first things they did was an all-day bike ride! Read more here.

Philadelphia is a historic city. In the U.S. it is arguably THE historic city, as the birthplace of independence and all. Our students have a unique opportunity to explore the city as a living laboratory, and not just for personal enjoyment; much of this exploration is also significant for their professional development as preservationists, architects, designers, artists, and planners.

When the two-centuries-old grave marker of the University of Pennsylvania's founder, Benjamin Franklin, needed repair, two of our Historic Preservation alumni, John Carr and Marco Federico, stepped in. The restoration was an interdisciplinary project, involving science and engineering.

Do we know how to party, or what? Roll up your sleeves and get ready for the best LONG weekend ever! We celebrate Independence Day for 6 days here in Philly.