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Posted January 14, 2016
  • The City That Never Was

A Clear-Eyed Look at Urbanization from Faculty Member Chris Marcinkoski

A new book from Chris Marcinkoski, Assistant Professor of Landscape Architecture, considers what happens when urbanization activities are out of sync with economic and demographic realities. 

"The 21st century has seen urbanization as an endeavor shift away from being understood as the physical consequence of economic and demographic growth, in turn becoming an activity explicitly undertaken to catalyze increases in global economic competitiveness and political status," writes Marcinkoski. "This is a phenomenon characterized by the speculative construction of new settlement and infrastructures that are wildly out of sync with the economic and demographic realities of a given polity. The result is a high incidence of failure of these pursuits, resulting in severe environmental, economic, political and social repercussions."

The City That Never Was is published by Princeton Architectural Press.