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Posted June 22, 2017

Wilmer Wilson IV, performance detail from Henry “Box” Brown, photo: Bree Gant

PennDesign Faculty and Alumni Earn Pew Center Funding

Four members of the PennDesign community have been recognized by the Pew Center for Arts & Heritage in the latest round of fellowships and grants.

Posted June 19, 2017
Manitoga Pavilion in ‘Landscape Architecture Magazine’
On a ridgeline next to a rock quarry pond at the campus of Manitoga, the home and studio of the industrial designer Russel Wright, there’s a whirling, biomorphic mass of modular figures—not quite human and not quite animal, but distinctly organic. They’re organized into a rough, habitable dome, holding each other aloft, tiptoe to fingertip. It’s a wide-eyed exploration of the architectural pavilion’s status as a fertile middle ground between sculpture and architecture.
Posted June 14, 2017
A Blank Slate?
In the early twentieth century, Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley experienced an economic boom as it capitalized on large deposits of high-quality slate buried within the Blue Mountains. Many of the Valley’s towns were founded in those years, and it became the world’s leader in slate production, earning the nickname “Slate Belt.” Today, several quarries and other natural landmarks remain as evidence of the productive times. They were the inspiration for two studio projects led by Ellen Neises, landscape architect and adjunct associate professor in PennDesign’s Department of Landscape Architecture, in collaboration with the Lehigh Valley Planning Commission (LVPC). On May 12, students, faculty, LVPC staff and community members gathered at Tolino Vineyards and Winery in Bangor for a public unveiling of the studio work.
Posted June 7, 2017

Araba Ankuma, untitled video still, 2017

Field Report: Studio Havana 2017

A new exhibition at PennDesign goes off the beaten path to capture the vitality of Havana by night and by day, in public and in private. The exhibition features original photography, video, and photo-based sculpture and installation by 15 undergraduate and graduate students in the Department of Fine Arts who traveled to Cuba’s capital in the spring.

Posted May 30, 2017

Williams and Newman work on creating a model for Discovery Night in Meyerson Hall.

Finding Freedom in Design

Twelve and 13-year olds roamed a hall at the Philadelphia Convention Center in matching blue t-shirts as if a season of camp were ending. They were there for Discovery Night, the culmination of a semester-long mentoring program for local students at Lea Elementary School, located at 47th and Locust in Phildelphia, called Spark. Among the attendees were six students from PennDesign who had volunteered to meet with a Lea student each week of the semester.