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Posted March 19, 2017
Joel Sanders on Non-Compliant Bodies

Since last spring, when North Carolina enacted a law requiring individuals in government buildings to use the bathrooms that correspond to the gender marked on their birth certificates, the state has been subject to boycotts, protests, and even bans on city-funded travel from Philadelphia. But even in Philadelphia, which is widely considered progressive with respect to LGBT issues, the typical public building has a bathroom set aside for men and a bathroom set aside for women.

Posted March 17, 2017

Maria Villalobos and Carla Urbina, Botanical Urban Landscapes of Maracaibo as Living Schools, recipient of the Venezuelan National Prize of Architecture

PennDesign Faculty Earn Venezuela’s National Architecture Prize, RPA Awards, More

Landscape Architecture faculty member Maria Villalobos and partner Carla Urbina were unanimously awarded Venezuela’s National Prize of Architecture.

Posted March 17, 2017

Artists' rendering of Warbler Migration Sculpture

Creating Sculpture from Climate Science and 1930s Car Design

Wife-husband collaborators and Fine Arts faculty members Deirdre Murphy and Scott White recently completed the fabrication process for the 51⁄2 by 25 foot sculpture that has transformed their private and public lives and taken over their studios since they were awarded this major public art project last June.

Slated for installation this May in Dublin, CA, Warbler Migration was inspired by a shy species that resides in the Dublin ecosystem, and one which Murphy developed a particular fondness for in the course of her research.

Posted March 17, 2017
Talking Design with Julie Lorch (IPD'12)

Julie Lorch came to PennDesign after freelance writing and publishing a book about cycling. She currently works as a Director of Product Design at Olark, a startup in San Francisco.

What does a typical day as Julie look like?

Posted March 10, 2017
Designing "Dinostoragus"

Grace Moore isn't yet a parent, but late last fall she found herself surrounded by toys. A first-year student in Integrated Product Design (IPD)—a master’s program that brings together design, business and engineering—Moore enrolled in the Design Process studio and was pleasantly surprised to find out her first assignment was designing toys for real clients. Then she found out her client, 6 year-old Nuri, already had a mountain of toys.