PennDesign Student Council

"To realize the full potential of the diverse and interdisciplinary spirit of PennDesign."

Mission Statement

Rather than having localized events dedicated to social, service, academic, or student group initiatives, StuCo would like to serve as a gateway for student groups and individuals to better connect with one another within the school and university, but also across Philadelphia and the design community at large. StuCo hopes to help shape PennDesign into a healthy, international collective of artists, designers, planners, and scholars in training who share an attitude that looks beyond disciplinary labels, in an environment that is stimulating for students and faculty across the entire PennDesign community.

Co-President: Lauren Aguilar (HSPV’18)

Co-President: Lillian Candela (HSPV’18)

VP Student Life: Ryan Barnette

VP Finance: Doug Breuer (MArch/MLA '18)

VP Communications: Douglas Land

VP Social: Naeem Shahrestani (MLA ’18)