Presented annually, the Weitzman Year End Show brings together work by graduating students across the School to capture new directions in architecture, landscape architecture, city and regional planning, historic preservation, and the fine arts.

Having shifted from a traditional gallery format to the Web, the 2020 exhibition offers a deep dive into the individual agendas of emerging designers, planners, preservationists, and historians, with statements of intent from participating graduates and links to their professional websites. Individual thesis projects in architecture, planning, and preservation are presented alongside team-based works.

Coordinating Students, Faculty, and Staff

Hector Berdecía-Hernández 
John Caperton (Project Lead)
Micah Danges
Kate Daniel
Micah Dornfeld
Ivy Gray-Klein

John Hinchman
Pernot Hudson
Claire Jaffe
Amie Patel
Maggie Sollman
Alanna Wittet