CPLN 7030

Power/Practice/Place: Responding to Vulnerability, Philly to Baltimore

The Megaregions Studio is a multi-disciplinary team of city planners and landscape architects at the University of Pennsylvania's Stuart Weitzman School of Design. The studio, part of the Cooperative Mobility for Competitive Megaregions (CM2) consortium, funded by the US Department of Transportation (USDOT), is dedicated to studying the relationship between transportation, economics, culture, and climate change along the Philadelphia-Wilmington-Baltimore corridor of the Northeast Megaregion. This section of the larger northeast Megaregion spans a significant expanse of the area between Washington DC and New York City, and faces major risks from sea-level rise and increasing heat events. The 2021 Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act and the 2022 Inflation Reduction Act is primed to fund development in the region, and this Studio seeks to identify opportunities to capitalize on these funding opportunities to promote equitable access to infrastructure and encourage environmental stewardship.