Graduate Admissions

Happy New Year! The holidays are still being celebrated at PennDesign. Yesterday evening, PennDesign's student council hosted a pleasurable evening event celebrating The Chinese Lunar New Year. There was great food, cultural performances, and a packed house.Yet another successful event!

You've sent them and we got them! Application review is underway. Decisions will be announced online March 13th. Please pay attention to your online application checklist as well as emails sent from admissions, to stay up to date on additional materials needed.

Good luck!

Not only do our PennDesign students study hard together, they manage to have a pretty awesome social life together as well! PennDesign's Dining Club took a trip down to Old City's Revolution House for a bite to eat.

YES! You read it correctly! Philadelphia is ranked #3 in The New York Time's 52 Places To Go In 2015.

We’re getting a lot of questions from applicants about transcripts. Although we ask you to upload an unofficial transcript, we do require official transcripts from you. These should be received by us NO LATER than two weeks after the admissions deadline.

We came across this fun video of Philadelphia which features not just the historical and cultural highlights of the city, but many of our faculty and alumni projects as well, from the Philadelphia Horticultural Society pop-up gardens to Dilworth Plaza to bike paths.

Architecture applications are in! It looks like we have a lot of great applicants. Over the next week, we'll be matching test scores and transcripts to your applications. It may take us a few days, so keep referring to the checklist in your application to see if your application is complete.

Our students work REALLY hard, but they also make time for some serious fun. Here's a recap of some of the events they put together this fall semester:

It's still bustling, tomorrow is the last day of Final Reviews. It's been chaotic, Meyerson Hall is a mess, but we will miss the students when they go on winter break!

We are STILL having problems with the automatic test score upload from ETS. Please don't panic if we're still missing your test scores. It is likely that we have them but that we haven't been able to link them to your application.

We are experiencing a delay with test scores matching to submitted applications. If you notice that your test scores are still marked as "not received" even though you had your scores sent to us already (at institution code number 2926), please don't worry!

We are starting to receive applications and are gearing up for a busy next few months...and winter in Philadelphia! Some common questions that we're getting revolve around our requirement for international transcripts to be submitted through WES.