CPLN 707 / LARP 701-402

International Informal Armatures Studio

Informal Armatures is a preemptive approach to enhance the positive aspects of informality providing territorial/spatial and performative support systems to address aspects that they cannot achieve on their own. The approach offers design and managerial criteria, stresses the importance of proposals that can adapt to changing conditions and site-specific responses. The Informal Armatures approach is expected to have a positive impact and connect the emerging settlements with the emerging ones, as well as foster healthy relations with the formal city.

By applying the approach in this Studio, we will explore ways to reach a balance among habitat protection and enhancement, agricultural and productive activities while fostering good quality urban scenarios. Participants will envision pilot projects to prove the possibilities of the approach, on well-defined sites and tackling specific programmatic aspects, such as the number of lots for self-construction, the provision of communal services, agricultural gardens, water management, sources of construction materials, etc. for an initial stage of the settlements while considering how they may transform and expand. The Studio has been structured in modules, to ensure steady production, a closer correlation between the principles, criteria, design, and performative tools of the Informal Armatures approach.