Certificate in Environmental Building Design

Program Director: William Braham

The certificate in Environmental Building Design is open to students enrolled in the Master of Architecture program only. The students will take 4 CUs of required courses and 2 CUs in a jointly counted studio. Students in the Master of Architecture degree would be eligible to apply for the Certificate in Environmental Building Design after they arrive at Penn, allowing them to join the program in their 7000 year with the incoming cohort of MEBD students in the 7520 and 7080 sequence. The other courses, 7510, 7530 and 7540 can be taken by M.Arch. students independently of their acceptance into the certificate. Applicants to the certificate should submit a one-page essay explaining their interest in environmental building design along with a Weitzman School certificate application and copy of their PennInTouch transcript.

  • ARCH 7510 Ecology, Technology and Design (1 CU, Fall)
  • ARCH 7520 MEBD Research Seminar (1 CU, Fall)
  • ARCH 7530 Building Performance Simulation (1 CU, Fall)
  • ARCH 7540 Performance Design Workshop (1 CU, Spring)
  • ARCH 7080 MEBD Design Studio (2 CU, Spring)

The four seminar courses replace 4 open electives, leaving students one open elective and two optional electives, while the ARCH 7080 studio is taken in lieu of the ARCH 7040 Design Studio.