Work by Jin seung Lee and John Dai
Two young women examine a white model
A man gestures toward a model with three young people looking on
A group of people stand at a table with cast forms in an industrial lab
Red illuminated facade punctured by scalloped pattern reveals building occupants
A young man gestures toward a drawing on the wall next to framed plant array
A man peers up at two robotic arms meeting overhead
Work by Jin seung Lee and John Dai

Weitzman Architecture offers an immersion in next-generation design-research facilitated by visionary architects and thinkers from around the world. Our students enjoy a multi-interdisciplinary approach to the design and interpretation of the built environment, and the breadth and depth of knowledge that only a leading research university can offer. Students also have access to the Advanced Research and Innovation Lab, or ARI, which is expanding the possibilities for building construction and performance through the interlinked intelligence of digital design, scripting, and robotics. Weitzman Architecture equips future professionals with the tools to respond to the most pressing challenges of our time, from climate change to social justice.

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