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Diagram of Philadelphia region

Diagram of Philadelphia region illustrating the benefit received by two different locations, an exurban center, Norristown CBD, and a rural township, Bass River, NJ. Each receives some benefit from each of the other 1,378 census tracts, but the UME of Norristown is double its EAB, while that of Bass River is reduced to 70%.

William W. Braham and Jae Min Lee

Setting up instruments.

Weather station at the Ger Test Ranch

Working with UNICEF and the Mongolian non-profit GerHub, a team from PennDesign’s Center for Environmental Building and Design and KieranTimberlake Architects is auditing the thermal performance of six improved ger at a test site and five occupied ger in the ger district of Ulaanbaatar.


Under the direction of Associate Professor Simon Kim, PennDesign participates in an ongoing collaboration with Seoul National University (SNU). These intiatives are supported by Heerim Architects and Planners, a global leader in architecture and construction.


Research Publications

A man sits on the floor of a circular room the ceiling of which is a complex radiating structure

In this excerpt of Strange Objects, New Solids and Massive Things: Archi-Tectonics (Actar Publishers, 2021), Winka Dubbelam, Weitzman's Miller Professor and chair of architecture, details the creation of Inscape Wellness, a meditation space in New York City, which was designed by her awa

A radiant cooling pavilion with orange-painted steel frame and panelize walls in a site in Singapore

Eric Teitelbaum, Kian Wee Chen, Dorit Aviv, Kipp Bradford, Lea Ruefenacht, Denon Sheppard, Megan Teitelbaum, Forrest Meggers, Jovan Pantelic, Adam Rysanek

Conferences / Papers

Map of Philadelphia with colored zones

Locational value in Center City Philadelphia, UME/EAB, ratio of urban emergy to assets and inputs, showing that the pattern of investment and decay around the city center.

Co-authored by William W. Braham

This paper examines the metabolism of urban location, which is offered as a contribution to the expansion of urban metabolism analysis beyond the largely biophysical methods of mass-energy-balance and emergy accounting.

Black and white image of group seated on sofa in wood paneled room

Source: Vienna (Austria), University of Applied Arts, Vienna, Art Collection and Archive, Margarete Schütte-Lihotzky Papers, “Chinareise,” 1934, Photos, F/CJ/1.

Sophie Hochhäusl

In the 1930s and the 1950s China recruited thousands of foreign "experts” to consult on programs to modernize the country. Margarete Schütte-Lihotzky (1897–2000), an Austrian architect and postwar member of the Communist Party, was invited to participate in these programs in both periods.