DumoLab Research (DLR)

Terrene-3 (2023) | Ramus (2025) | CanoPit (2024) | BioQ (2021)
Terrene-3 (2023) | Ramus (2025) | CanoPit (2024) | BioQ (2021)
Dr. Mogas-Soldevila Awarded J&J Foundation Woman in STEM2D Scholar in Design for the next 3 years
Sensbiom 2 Solar Active Materials - Exhibited at Milan Design Week 2023 Alcova Building
Mogas-Soldevila's MArch 501 Studio Hyperlapse Chamber Structures Installed at Meyerson Hall during Fall 2022
Sensbiom 1 Aroma Activa Materials - Exhibited at the ICA on Penn Campus for ACADIA 2022
Terrene 2 Earth Structures proposing Healthier Construction via Biomaterials Design (L. Lasting et al., Materials & Design Journal)
BioQ Derma - Alternative Leathers from Biomaterial Sources developed at DumoLab in the Summer of 2022

DumoLab Research at the University of Pennsylvania, Stuart Weitzman School of Design, Department of Graduate Architecture started operations in 2022 and is directed by interdisciplinary architect Dr. Laia Mogas-Soldevila.

The lab translates biomaterial systems from biomedical engineering, life sciences, and vernacular design and architecture into everyday products and structures that support health during processing, use, and end of life. Research areas include; ambient-conditions additive manufacturing, water-based materials processing, bioremediation with living building materials, and bio-based alternatives to un-sustainable traditional materials.

A team of 15 architects, designers, biologists, and materials scientists outputs; regenerative and bio-receptive building parts and structures, smart and programmable biomaterials, biodegradable everyday products, large scale distributed environmental sensing systems, and outreach platforms for environmental literacy.

Support from: Johnson&Johnson Foundation, Canon Virginia Inc, Penn Research Foundation, Penn Global Engagement Fund GEF, Penn Environmental Innovation Initiatives EII, The Stephenson Foundation Bio-MakerSpace, The Sachs Program for Arts Innovation, Penn Center for Undergraduate Research & Fellowships.

Location: Charles Addams Fine Arts Hall #318-319, 200 S 36th St, Philadelphia, PA 19104-6221

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