Graduate Admissions

Cost of Attendance
Projected Budget for the 2021-2022 Academic Year (Fall and Spring)

This is an estimated two-semester (nine-month) budget. If your program is longer or includes a summer semester, your costs will be higher. Please note that the living expense items—such as room and board, books and supplies, and miscellaneous—are estimated and your expenses will vary depending on your individual choices. Also keep in mind that tuition at the University of Pennsylvania is projected to increase every year.

Tuition Master's Degree Students $54,964
Tuition Doctoral Degree Students $38,732
General Fee $3,552
Clinical Fee $648
Room $6,300 - $9,632
Board $3,700 - $4,870
Books and Supplies
(varies depending on your program of study)
$2,500 - $3,182
Health Insurance $3,874
Miscellaneous $1,200 - $2,988

The upper limit of the ranges listed above represents the maximum borrowing amount for domestic student loans. Students should set their own living expense budget based on their own preferences and choices in housing, but should be aware of the maximum allocated amount for loan borrowing purposes.

Please note that some programs may have higher costs for books and supplies, including printing, plotting, and fabrication. Student travel is a mandatory component for Architecture, City Planning, Historic Preservation, and Landscape Architecture and may lead to an increase in expenses.