Architectural Archives

  • Experiments in Enviroment Workshop, Sensory Walk

    Sea Ranch, CA; July 7, 1968; Lawrence Halprin Collection

  • Vanna Venturi House

    Chestnut Hill, PA; 1959-64; Photograph by Matt Wargo; Venturi Scott Brown Collection

  • Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial Model

    Roosevelt Island, NY; Designed 1973-74; Louis Kahn Collection

  • Lovejoy Plaza

    Portland, OR; 1963-73; Lawrence Halprin Collection

  • Anne Griswold Tyng Residence

    Philadelphia, PA; 1964-67; Anne Griswold Tyng Collection


A middle aged man in a business suit stands on a rocky shore, looking at the ocean

Photo courtesy Julian Abele, Jr. and Patty Susnitzky

Image files - Decorated storeforn

Image of decorated storefront at the VSBA office building in Manyunk.  This design is a memorial to the victims of 9/11, from fall 2001.