All Degrees + Certificates

Certificate in Historic Preservation

The Certificate in Historic Preservation is open to both PennDesign students and practicing professionals who are not currently enrolled. Continuing students who are enrolled in other PennDesign degree programs have the opportunity to gain expertise in historic preservation while completing requirements for their professional degree. Praciting professionals have the opportunity to pursue specialized training in historic preservation within one year. (Individuals not currently enrolled at PennDesign are required to complete the online application.) A total of 5 course units including HSPV 660 are required for the Certificate.

Advanced Certificate in Architectural Conservation and Site Management

The Historic Preservation Program offers a one-semester Advanced Certificate in Architectural Conservation and Site Management which provides post-graduate training focused on research or praxis for those who have completed the Master of Science in Historic Preservation degree. The Advanced Certificate allows graduates the unique experience of directed research and fieldwork at home or abroad under direct professional mentorship.

Accepted candidates must enroll for 2 course units of Architectural Conservation Advanced Praxis (HSPV 780-001). Students whose research and field work extends beyond the semester must register for Advanced Certificate Project (HSPV-997) not to exceed two semesters.

A written proposal including completion schedule must be submitted by the candidate for faculty approval prior to registration for the Certificate. A final written submittal of the project must be made after its completion. Certificates in Conservation will be awarded for August, May, or December graduation depending on submittal and acceptance of the written work.

Identification and procurement of the projects and research grants will be the responsibility of all interested students who qualify. University projects will be made available to interested students competitively through the School of Design only when such projects are established.