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Kyle O'Connor

Visual Designer, Eimer Design

Kyle has contributed to a wide variety of  landscape and architectural projects at many different scales, including stormwater gardens, public parks, hotels, office buildings, residential communities, and large urban developments. Through this, he has cultivated particular interests in architectural representation and communication, urban design, stormwater management, and the integration of both public space and infrastructure into architecture.

Eimer Design is making use of Kyle’s skill sets in digital modeling and graphics production. He is well-versed in software applications like Rhino, Grasshopper, V-Ray, AutoCAD, Adobe CS, and ArcGIS. Through those platforms, Kyle generates models, drawings, diagrams, renderings, promotional materials, books, and presentations. Additionally, he photographs finished projects and administers the office’s website and social networks.

Kyle took some time to speak to us about his Weitzman School experience:

How did you find your current job?
The position was posted on the Philadelphia AIA’s website.

What kind of work are you doing?
Primarily conceptual drawings, renderings, and diagrams, and marketing, but it’s a small office so I help out with the schematic, design development, and construction drawing sets too.

What attracted you to the firm or job?
Design communication has always been an interest of mine and this position affords me the opportunity to develop the firm’s project representations.

How did your education at the University of Pennsylvania Stuart Weitzman School of Design prepare you for your current tasks?
At Weitzman School I learned how to organize ideas and present projects with clarity and conviction – that’s turned out to be a major part of this job.

Are there specific courses and instructors that influenced you philosophically?
David Gouverneur, John Dixon Hunt, and Joan Ockman.

Any top moment(s) of your education here?
Two things, both travel-related – winning the Van Alen Traveling Fellowship. Going to Mexico City for the summer program.

What’s next?
Staying in Philly, working, and doing things that grad school forbade – reading fiction, cooking, bicycling, etc.

Are you keeping in touch with others from your class/the Penn community?
Yes, many of them.

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