Graduate Architecture

Two images are shown in comparison: an empty Benjamin Franklin Parkway and the entrance of the Occupy PHA site

Photos by Nathan Mollway of the ongoing Occupy PHA protest site at Benjamin Franklin Parkway, Philadelphia.

“Lack of affordable housing has been a different kind of pandemic in Philadelphia for decades,” Mollway says.
Overhead shot of two men in a laboratory

Victor and Aladar Olgyay, Thermoheliodon, Princeton Architectural Laboratory, 1956, from Colliers magazine.

In his new book, Modern Architecture and Climate: Design before Air Conditioning (Princeton University Press, 2020), Daniel Barber, associate professor of architecture, charts the ways that twentieth century architects incorporated climate-mediating strategies into their designs before the widespread use of air conditioning. In this excerpt, Barber tells the story of how the diagrams made by architects Victor and Aladar Olgyay helped conceptualize climate knowledge.
Aerial view of round stadium in a landscape of trees
Winka Dubbeldam, Thom Mayne, and Brian Phillips are among the recipients of 2020 A+Awards from Architizer for projects “transforming society and the built environment for generations to come.”
Headshot of Marta Llor with stone wall background
Llor discussed her favorite design projects at Weitzman, her role models, and advice for aspiring architects.
Rendering of sports stadium surrounded by park.
Department of Architecture faculty have been shortlisted for several 2020 Architizer A+Awards, the world's largest awar
Franca Trubiano
Trubiano was awarded a Perry World House Penn Faculty Workshop Grant for her proposal “Forced Labor, Urban Migration, and the Built Environment: Global Policies for Eradicating Supply Chain Slavery in the Building Industry.”
A person sits atop a gray lattice structure shaped like bandshell that has been crumpled on one end. Two other people climb.
The Department of Architecture has launched two online galleries documenting Digiblast 2020: an exhibition of final projects and a collection of student-generated animations. Digiblast is an intensive workshop on digital modeling, representation and fabrication for incoming Master of Architecture students, making it a foundational course of study in contemporary computational geometries and digital workflows.
Shapiro's article reviews the recently opened exhibition Kiruna Forever at ArkDes in Stockholm.
Sophie Hochhäusl speaking next to Ken Lum during a studio review
During the fellowship, Hochhäusl will be completing her book Memories of the Resistance: Margarete Schütte-Lihotzky and the Architecture of Collective Dissidence, 1918-1989. 
Black and white headshots of Winka Dubbeldam and William Braham
The talk is titled "Innovation, Beauty, and New Adjustable Ways of Living" and will explore architecture's impact on social responsibility admist paradigm shifts.
Rendering for mobile COVD testing site
A jury of distinguished architects, educators, graphic and industrial designers has selected the winners of the Summer School at Penn design challenge, a student competition organized by the Department of Architecture at Weitzman to create a mobile medical testing unit for COVID-19.
Headshot of Winka Dubbeldam
She offered her speculations on the future in a short video on The Plan's YouTube Channel.