Graduate Architecture

Over 25 students recieved awards for their outstanding work.

“As PennDesign alumni, you assume new responsibility, and unsurpassed opportunity, to shape our future," Dean Fritz Steiner told the graduating class. The commencement speech was delivered by Oberlin College Professor of Environmental Studies and Politics David W. Orr. Billie Faircloth, a partner at KieranTimberlake, spoke at the awards ceremony. 

"Forest, Tower, City: Rethinking the Green Machine Aesthetic" examines the interplay of forests and urban architecture.

The Weiss/Manfredi team, 2018 National Design Award Winners for Architecture

The National Design Awards, which have been given since 2000, are intended to “celebrate design as a vital humanistic tool in shaping the world,” and are bestowed are “in recognition of excellence, innovation, and enhancement of the quality of life.”

Includes Essay by Associate Professor Daniel Barber.

Chipper, the specialty pet food designed by graduate students Laura Colagrande (Department of Architecture and Integrated Product Design Program), and Haley Russell and Amanda Robison (both of Wharton) earned all the winnings in the third annual iDesign Prize competition. First they were awarded $5,000 toward the venture in the “people’s choice” category, the outcome of a secret-ballot vote by their fellow students and awards-ceremony attendees. And then the professional jury that was judging the competition granted them the big prize: $50,000. 

Photo Tom Harris

The installation is just one of several PennDesign faculty, student, and alumni-related exhibitions and events at the 2018 Venice Biennale. 

The international architecture exhibition opens to the public on May 26, 2018.

PhD Candidate Eric Bellin and Lecturer Ben Krone were commended for their service to PennDesign at the 2018 Awards Ceremony.

Bouw's research project, the Hackable City, has focused on the unassuming neighborhood of Buiksloterham, which stretches across a formerly industrial waterfront in the Netherlands.

She was the first female professor at PennDesign and the first female full professor of architecture in the country.

"Real Fictions Cairo," which creates new public spaces and captures lost sites in the Egyptian capital, was selected by the jury one of the most compelling studios in U.S. architectural education today.