Graduate Architecture

Antonios Thodis

PhD Candidate in the History and Theory of Architecture

My research focus on Central European architecture and urbanism, on the historic conditions and the radical artistic, philosophical and architectural ideas that appeared in Vienna from the middle of the 19th century till the end of the First World War. Specific research interests include modernity’s relation and interpretation of the Classical tradition and archaic past, the crossovers of archaeology and anthropology -especially those focused on the GrecoRoman world- with architectural history and theory, the debates of that time over the status of ornament and their reappearance in the digital and post digital period and the late 19th century in origin discussions and preoccupation still today of architecture as the art of space making.

I acquired my diploma of architect-engineer (2012) from Aristotle University in Thessaloniki, Greece, graduating first in class. I hold a master’s degree (2015) from Architectural Association’s Design Research Lab program -AA DRL- in London, where I investigated the impact of digital media and theory on architectural and urban studies discourse and experimented on advanced digital methods in design, robotics and representation. I hold a second master’s degree (2018) from Harvard Graduate School of Design, MDes History and Philosophy of Design program where I focused on historical and philosophical explorations into the social, cultural, technical and political contexts of design disciplines of architecture, urbanism and landscape architecture across various time periods. My thesis investigated with the assistance of digital media, the cultural and mythical context relations to the unique architectural elements, iconography, site setting and articulation of the Classical temple of Apollo at Bassae.