July 15, 2020

Announcing the Winners of Weitzman’s “Summer School at Penn” Competition

Rendering for mobile COVD testing site
Hanqing Yao, FLIP IT
Hanqing Yao, FLIP IT
Lauren Hunter and Valerie Pretto, Community Cumuli
Jiewei Li and Mrinalini Verma, UNFOLD
Hillary Morales and Molly Zmich, Dimensioning Remembrance
Beikel Rivas, Miguel Matos, and Dario Sabidussi, Personal Protective Pod
Fang Cheng, Shifei Xu, and Chengzhe Zhu, Breezing/Breathing Cloud
Hadi El Kebbi, Nicholas Houser, Anna Lim, and Danny Ortega, Matryoshka Kit