Graduate Architecture

Posted August 24, 2020
  • Folly design by Sarah Johnson

Digiblast 2020 Online Galleries

The Department of Architecture has launched two online galleries documenting Digiblast 2020: an exhibition of final projects and a collection of student-generated animations.

Digiblast is an intensive workshop that outlines digital modeling, representation and fabrication for incoming Master of Architecture students. The workshop operates as an introduction to contemporary computational geometries and digital workflows.

Instructors Danielle Willems and Ezio Blasetti explain:

“This exhibition displays the work of our incoming MArch class produced during a 10-day intensive online workshop, situated virtually in the Lower Gallery of Meyerson Hall. Students are given daily assignments that operate cumulatively towards a final project. The theme this year focused on the design of a Climbing Folly located adjacent to the Philadelphia Museum and Schuylkill River. The exhibition is built upon the free platform that creates a 3D collaborative online virtual space.

Digiblast operates through daily hands-on tutorials with expert guidance for developing skills in Explicit, Parametric & Associative 3D Modeling, Drawing, Rendering, and Animation & Physical Output through Digital Fabrication. These tutorials look at 3D modeling both as descriptive geometric representations and as data visualizations through a series of ‘canonical’ architectural projects. The projects are organized in a series of Conceptual and Geometric Spaces: Euclidean, Projective, Differential, Topological, Vector, Simulation and Voxel.”

Teaching Assistants: Jingyi Zhou, Xinyi Chen & Hadi El Kebbi

Students: Jesse Allen, Bashayer Bamohsen, Taylor Beck, Megan Chandramouli, Hanyan Chen, Sumeng Chen, Lixue Cheng, Aaron Damavandi, Michaela Dawe, Joseph Depre, Irene Dole, Francesca Dong, Joao Freitas, Han Gao, Weiwei Gao, Yasmin Goulding, Yukuan Guo, Sok In Ho, Andy Tian-yue Hu, Ziai Huang, Leah Brody Janover, Sarah Johnson, Lingsen Kong, Hyung Jun Lee, Xiang Li, Kewei Lin,Cong Liu, Xinlei Liu, Chunyu Ma, Yuexin Ma, Emma McMonigal, Zihua Mo, Alec Gary Naktin, Riya Nayar, Nana Ntiriwaa-Berkoh, Oluwatosin Omojola, Natalie Theresa Perri, David Eugene Perrine, Caroline Christine Ann Petersen, Yumeng Qu, Monte Lincoln Reed, Carrick Wollam Reider, Monique Robinson, John Round, Jenna Selati, Emily Shaw, Harsana Siva, Xinru Tan, Michael Kintung Ting, Kyle Reese Troyer, Che Wan, Lachelle Denise Weathers, Michael Alexander Willhoit, Jingwen wu, Hanfei Xiao, Ruijie Xu, Yingxiang Xu, Jun Yan, Wenjing You, Yifei Yuan, Qixian Zhang, Yicheng Zhang, Yuyang Zhang, Jiayao Zhao, Yiran Zhao, Jingxiao Zhou and Junyi Zho.