Graduate Architecture

Posted May 14, 2018

Eric Bellin and Ben Krone Win Faculty Awards

PennDesign PhD Candidate Eric Bellin and Lecturer Ben Krone are recipients of two 2018 G. Holmes Perkins Distinguished Teaching Awards. Eric Bellin was awarded Distinguished Teaching in the Undergraduate Programs and Ben Krone was awarded Distinguished Teaching by a Member of the Non-Standing Faculty.

The G. Holmes Perkins Teaching Awards are presented annually, based on the input of students at PennDesign, to recognize distinguished teaching and innovation in the classroom, seminar or studio. These all-school awards consider faculty from across disciplines at PennDesign.

Eric Bellin's research examines 19th through 20th century histories and theories of architectural detailing in France, Britain, and America. His work aims to both clarify understandings of the historical development of the concept of "detail" and through it to better understand how disciplinary, socio-cultural, and technological factors help condition the evolution of an architectural idea.

Ben Krone founded his firm Gradient in 2006. He has designed and constructed a wide range of projects and exhibitions, including art installations, high end residences, restaurants, and boutique hotels.

Click here to download a copy of the 2018 PennDesign Awards Program. Visit PennDesign’s Vimeo for documentation of the event.