Graduate Architecture

Posted April 18, 2018

Matthijs Bouw Publishes Article in Metropolis

Lectuer and Rockefeller Urban Resilience Fellow Matthijs Bouw wrote an article about his research project, the Hackable City, for Metropolis.

The Hackable City is a partnership between Bouw's firm, One Architecture and Urbanism and the Dutch research group The Mobile City, as well as researchers at Dutch universities.

The initiative has focused on the unassuming neighborhood of Buiksloterham, which stretches across a formerly industrial waterfront in the Netherlands. An informal group of planners, urbanists, and Hackable City members pitched a new direction to the city for the site’s development.

Bouw writes, "Our angle was: what if, instead of letting the highest-paying developers take the reigns, Buiksloterham became a living laboratory for the idea of a circular economy—an approach in which resources such as energy, water, building materials, and peer-to-peer knowledge sharing are thought of as circular systems?"

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