Graduate Architecture

Posted October 7, 2022

Winka Dubbeldam to Speak at Detroit Conference

Sustainable Urban Design Summit 2022

Miller Professor and Chair of Architecture Winka Dubbeldam will be speaking virtually at the Sustainable Urban Design Summit 2022. Registration is required. 

On Thursday, October 13, Dubbeldam will participate in the panel "Process Thinking for Sustainable Urban Design While Furthering Development of a City," from 2:05 to 3:00 pm ET. Topics of discussion will include what urban spaces will look like as they are brought to life and as designers, developers, and engineers play with rules to break them, and methods that need to be applied to solve climate change challenges in building resilient buildings and spaces.

Matthijs Bouw, a professor of practice in both architecture and landscape architecture, will be part of a panel, "Waterfronts, Water Resiliency, & Design for Climate Change," that is part of the conference as well.  

The Sustainable Urban Design Summit, at the Madison Building, Detroit, Michigan, will host conversations with Sustainable Industry Leaders from Detroit, across the midwest, the greater U.S. and the Netherlands. The goal is to develop creative solutions through a global yet hyperlocal program focused on Sustainable Urban Planning, Climate and the City, Smart City, and more.