Graduate Architecture

Angelo Spagnolo

Mother Jones House, Scott Erdy

Fall 2018

The Mother Jones House is a proposal for an intersectional residence where many populations can seek assistance, care, and empowerment. Named after the famous social activist who devoted her life to establishing fair wages in treatment of societies marginalized, Mary “Mother” Jones is a model for how this residence and community center would function.  Named in 1902 as the most dangerous woman in America, she led a march from Kensington, Philadelphia all the way to Oyster Bay, New York to Theodore Roosevelt’s home, demanding child labor reforms in the PA textile factories.

Working through the spirit of Mother Jones this former Kensington textile factory is a residence design with the goal of not only providing shelter and space for those who suffer from homelessness and addiction, but also of fostering connection. The various scaled units intersect with one another, creating moments of presence and happenstance. The intersection of spawned by two existing directional grids: the surrounding grid system from Huntingdon and the path of Mother Jones’ famed children’s march to Teddy Roosevelt’s home in Oyster Bay, New York to protest fair wages for the marginalized.