Graduate Architecture

Ariel Cooke-Zamora, Kurt Nelson

Kutan Ayata

Spring 2018

Coupling a unique design embodying the vertical nature of climbing with what will be a high-traffic public space, see-and-be-seen culture of Philadelphia’s Rail Park drives public visibility of the sport, incorporating levels of public program into the climbing gym. The project is composed of a forest of concrete cones which are vicariously connected through intersections of a normative volume. The form is defined by a third reading of these connections. The simple act of climbing has an intricate set of operations and elements embedded within it. The building exerts force on the climber on all levels of interaction, driven by its mass, spaces, and materiality. The actor is neither the climber nor the building, but rather an ever-changing reality that is withdrawn through different lenses of interpretation.

More work form this studio can be seen in Pressing Matters VII.