Graduate Architecture

Caleb Ehly

Sunshine Theater, Hina Jamelle

Fall 2018

Our housing intervention looks to not only provide for housing within Manhattan, but to capture the dialogue between an existing structure and the forward pushing city. Within a serious of furls and protrusions, out blooms a new housing typology, one that adorns and cradles the existing theatre while emerging as its own whole. On one side generating a new speculative future, while on the other side celebrating the heritage of network and the lower eastside.   This new bespoke experience lends it itself within the context of New York .

The rejuvenation and revitalization of the existing program and architecture space of the theatre allows for a new dialogue for Lower East Side. The previous allure of the experience of the big screen has faded, in place we now find the experience within an experience. That being the dialogue of a formal architectural moment found within the theatrics of performance.