Graduate Architecture

Chengyang Wang

Josh Freese

Spring 2018

Following our studio's primary strategy, I got the original inspiration from the 2-D pattern to 3-D massing exercise. Defamiliarization happens when the geometries are presented in a distorted way on the elevation through spatial manipulation.  The sense of directionality and motion is enhanced by consistent features in the massing, which can serve as a thread to direct visitors.

Currently at the site, there is a lack of social activities because of little public space. I incorporate sports activities within and around the library program to help facilitate communication between neighbors. In this way I try to bring dynamism and life to the community. The concept is illustrated through my rendering, in which my project activates and enlivens the site and illuminates the site inside the neighborhood.

The project is separated into two parts by a running track and pedestrian walkways. A small building connects to the school, containing spaces for children’s learning and group activities. The larger volume holds the primary public functions. Sports are isolated from but harmonized with the reading room which requires a certain level of quietness. In contrast to the controlled program of indoor activities, people can relax in the playful outdoor spaces around the site.

More work form this studio can be seen in Pressing Matters VII.