Graduate Architecture

Christine Eichhorn

Manayunk Meat Market, Andrew Lucia

Spring 2019

The project is a creation of a spectacle, with a focus on the notion of how tragedy sells. The conception of my market began with the exploration of how humans are morbidly curious of tragic events over the ordinary. The nature of the design psychologically plays your assumption of what it is. The heavy metal that meanders through the pastureland induces the premonition of a slaughterhouse, yet the cattle on site are not being harmed.

A series of infrastructural hyper-collections inspired by elements of the site were designed to facilitate movement across the site. The striated framework becomes an urban skeleton that consumes the site’s entirety, extending out onto the viaduct following the residual remains of Manayunk’s industrial past.

The market is a synthetic meat production plant, a laboratory for alternative ways of producing meat through the process of cloning cattle for stem-cell generation. The programmatic masses that are suspended from the metal framework are glass, allowing humans to experience the synthetic meat labs and to have a visual of how their food is being made, from the petri dish to their plate. The market challenges the traditional ways of eating meat and acts to preserve the art of butchery in the synthetic age.