Graduate Architecture

Ellison Turpin

Daniel Markiewicz

Fall 2017

The ground beneath the courtyard swells to the point of bursting. Suddenly, the earth rises up, crawling along the brick scaffolding of the courtyard to investigate what is happening above. Liking what it sees, the veil begins to merge with the brick, and pull it into the unearthed chasm below. The veil now stretched too thin, tears and splits bringing light into the depths of the earth. At the edges, the veil pushes beyond its boundaries to invite wanderers off the street to explore what was once hidden from sight and mind. As the museum spills into the newly opened void, massive stalactites swell to accommodate their new purpose. Below the surface, these clustered stalactites cling to the ceiling anchoring the veil from leaving the earth to preserve slivers of the courtyard and attempting to leave some secrets still hidden.  

More work form this studio can be seen in Pressing Matters VII.